Madame Leota

Introducing the spooktacular Madame Leota Funko Pop! figurine – a must-have for any fan of Disney’s Haunted Mansion! This enchanting collectible captures the essence of the iconic character, with her eerie green glow and signature crystal ball.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this Madame Leota Funko Pop! figurine stands at 3.75 inches tall and is made from high-quality vinyl material. It’s the perfect addition to your Funko Pop! collection, or a great gift for any Haunted Mansion enthusiast.

But don’t let her ghostly appearance fool you – this Madame Leota Funko Pop! figurine is a real treasure. With her SEO copywriting powers, she’s sure to attract attention from search engines and fans alike. So why wait? Add this bewitching figurine to your cart today and let the magic of the Haunted Mansion come to life in your home!

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